Trying to get on our feet

My name is Jess. I have a boyfriend named Adam and Two beautiful children. My three year old son Michael and three month old daughter Diana. I left my abusive husband about two years ago. When I left him I had only my son. We moved in with my alcoholic father only because we had no where else to go. One year later I met an amazing guy and were surprised with an adorable baby girl. As time went on my fathers drinking got much worse. We had jobs and were paying rent but when he started to threaten my children we got out as fast as we could losing our employment in the process. We are currently couch hopping. I am going to start a job at hardees at minimum wage soon however that is at minimum wage ($7.50ph). We need to pay out phone bills and we need clothing. I also need money for a lawyer so I can finalize my divorce. We have, again, lost everything we had. I was never comfortable begging for help but I need to do the best i can for my children. If I had the money I could finally go to collage to ensure my family's future but if you are willing to help even the smallest amount my family and I will be forever grateful.