trying to get back on my feet

Try try a, NC

I worked as an office manager for my dad's firm until he died in 2004, which also meant the end of my job. I spent the next 3 years settling his estate, and cared for my mom as my life continued on a downward spiral. I got mom moved into a senior residence in 2008 and worked to clean up and sell the family home. I was robbed of my investments in the midst of all this, so money I was planning on any transition was gone. I have struggled to find work to no avail, and could not get a business idea to produce any income. I have been living in a spare bedroom of a friend for the last couple of years without knowing where to turn. I guess dad's passing affected me more than I realized, since I have not had anything good happen since his passing. I finally came up with a brilliant idea for a new invention, and now have it patented, but now I am out of funds. Those who have seen this new gadget seem to really like it. Problem now is I need a few thousand just to get a minimal first production run so I can get this new product on the market and get back on my feet. Any help out there?