Trying to buy a used car.

Sorefeet, SC

I'm 20, female, and live in an area that has no public transit. I did not come from the kind of background where I was constantly in need, however, I'm not the kind of girl that was given a car on her 16th birthday. I was not even afforded the luxury of driving lessons due to my parents poor health as I got older. I'm not bitter about this, it's just they way things are. I've finally obtained my license with the help of some wonderful friends, and the timing could not have been better because with two jobs I'm in dire need of my own transportation. All I lack now is a car. I'm not trying to get some fancy new one either. I'm looking for used, durable, safe, working ac/radio a plus. Obviously I have some money already put aside, but not enough for my main goal of about $2500. If you wouldn't mind giving a little, I would be more than overjoyed to finally be one step further towards my main goal - going off to school. Thanks!