To Trusting

Chris Ste, Australia

I hope some people can help me. I guess I should tell you why I need help, I married 10 years ago all was good my wife came from overseas and she for the first 7 years of our marriage she stayed at home and after years of encouragement she decided to continue study. When she decided to go I paid for all her study and the text and everything needed for her her study. During this time I was earning below average wage and working a 2nd job but managed to support my wife and her family monthly and when there was emergencies and medications for her family and managing to send her back to see her family twice, along with paying full child support for 2 children I had in a previously relationship. We did ok had some bad luck sometimes with a car accident, just some normal bad luck things that happens every now and again, but we still where getting further in debt. By the end of her studies by mid 2012 she went did some volunteer work as a teacher of adults with literacy problems. After a few months of the volunteer work she was put on as a casual teacher. Within a few weeks my father started to become sick and near the end of October my father was rushed to hospital where he had a blood clot in his heart and his lung, he died twice but they managed to bring him back to life, the situations was that bad the doctors ask if we wanted to continue treatment as they believed he would not live the night, my mum could not make the decision so it was left up to me, the second time I had to make that decision on my fathers life, and as any child I told the doctors to do all the could and to every ones amazement he survive the night and started to make a recovery, in total he was in hospital for 1 month. During this time my mum decided to leave my father and take most of the stuff in the house and there $80k in savings leaving my father in debt for 16k not much but when you are on the pension it is a lot of money. During this time while I was helping my father recover my mother wanted to get the remaining furniture in the house to leave dad with nothing and when I refused she decided to disown me. So by 2013 we had moved into my fathers place to help him physically and financially and got him a new car because he needed one to travel to doctors appointments and such. During the beginning of 2013 my father was put into hospital again and my wifes brother past away from liver cancer and again we sent a couple of thousand dollars for treatment and for the funeral. Later in June again my wife's family had a death a cousin and we sent money to help with the funeral costs, so it was a stressful time and still working 2 jobs and only having 4 days holiday in 1 year. By the august my wife was given a part time position where she was earning more money than me for only 4 day work. I started to get extremely stressed and withdrawn with all that was going on and it was getting more stressful doing a job I was not happy with for many years because it provided extreme security my family and my wife's family, this started about the end of October, before this things didn't seem right with my wife by mid the end of November she said she wanted to be independent and free this combined with work I ending up having a breakdown, and by mid December I was off work on stress leave. Within two days I found the reason why my wife was acting funny I found her phone logs she started having a relationship with one of her students and when I asked her about it she left taking all the savings we managed to gather over the last year was 14k and left me with 40k debt. I guess it was my own fault for being to trusting and taking on too much responsibility but for the first time in my life I really need help and the people who I thought I could trust the most and loved the most have betrayed me and I am left to asking help from strangers so I ask if you could help with any little bit please, it would be like winning the lottery if I could get to a zero balance and start a fresh and try to rebuild my life. I am trying to sell a lot of my asets but they are not selling very well or people want the stuff for nothing. Please help. Paypal Thankyou Chris