To start a non profitable organisation for kids to have a better future

Save chil, London

Hello good people of planet earth. My name is Eric Bones. Before I start I would like to thanks you for taking your precious time reading my post. I was once a in a bad position as I was growing up which. Being sexually abused and violently violated ran away from home and live in the street for 5 years. It was the worst time of my life struggling everyday living from bin food and others left overs. I met a lot of other run away children who sold their bodies in exchange for food and a roof. I was fortunate and was taken in to a loving and caring family who have taught me nothing less than to love one another. I have found my purpose in life which is to help other still out there and in need of a better life. The actual goal I am trying to reach is £50 000 pounds which will be enough to get us started on this life changing project. Our ultimate go is to eventually start helping kids and adults across the globe suffering from different sorts of problems The donated money is to go to the foundation of a non profitable organisation that I will call Dead Bones. I have been privileged to be enrolled back in to collage and I have met beautiful hearted people who are willing to help me build this great warming project to help others. Thank you for taking the time to read my dream to be reality. With warm loving hearts anything is possible. please send donations to through PayPal.