To raise money for a Home

A place t, SC

Hello. I am a disabled mother caring for my adult son that have autism. I am trying to find a place where my son and I can call home. I located a piece of property in my small town for $18,000 dollars. It may not be the best, but it's an acre of land with a double wide mobile home. I am so tired of moving and dragging my son from place to place. I'm also tired of renting beaten down houses in neighborhoods with bad crime where my disabled son can't sit out in his yard and enjoy his surroundings, cause that is all he like to do. Before this piece of property is gone to someone else that really don't need it for a place to call home but for it to be used as investment property, I'm asking for help in raising this money to put a quiet roof over our heads. Thank you for your time and for the love.