To purchase things my family needs.

Help A Fe, Rochester

Greetings, I know in this day and age the web is chalked full of scam and thieves. There are a few down on their luck no so well off hard working truthful folks out here. I am one of those folks! To give some background on myself. I am 36 a Father to one biological daughter Step Father to three Daughters. I am employed full time at a local company. I have at times also worked a part time job during the day in addition to my 40hr a week over night position. Since 2008 I have been layed off twice and gone through bankruptcy. Over the years I have reached out to the state for assistance but was told I make to much! Seriously unemployment pays to much?!! Well thats lifes way of saying ultimately your on your own in this world? I am asking my fellow man to help me. My family needs clothes vehicle repairs and a boost up. I hope to raise $8,000 no more or no less of what I need to get afloat. I ask from my heart for assistance. Warm Regards, A Fellow Man