To pay debt and take care of family

Please I , Nigeria

I am writing this seeking for your help. I am a graduate of Educational Administration and Policy Studies. Well, ever since my graduation, I was working for sometime but I eventually lost my job and since over 5 years now I have not been able to get a job again, I have longed to establish a business for myself to enable me cater for my family, pay rent, and children's school fees which has been so difficult for me. However, I had car i was using for transportation (cab) business but because it became too old I had to sell it off to pay some of my debts. I am begging you if you are touched by my message to financially help me raise some money to get another new vehicle to continue my transportation business or if you can donate the vehicle to me so that I can be using it to help myself and family, it would go a long way to alleviate my sufferings. My kids are not able to go to school because I have no job. My little house I built was demolished and I now live in small a room apartment, I have not paid my rent, I have a debt of $3,000 USD which i have not been able to pay, this problem is too enormous for me. However, what is most important here is that I need your help to make me come out of these myriads of problem, your financial support would go a long way to alleviate my sufferings, things are really hard for me and If you have a new vehicle to donate that i can be using for transportation business. Again, I know my request may be outside your philanthropic program, but I believe this is my last resort than use this medium begging for your help. I shall be grateful if you consider/grant my request. Thanks, as I look forward in anticipation to hearing from you soon. Donations can be sent through: OR At NOTE: It’s not possible for only one person to donate the total amount for the equipment; therefore, No matter how small your donation may be it will be highly appreciated, whatever amount you could afford to donate towards helping me. God bless you as you read this message.