to make my wish come true. If you want to know why, please read my story.

Help Mand, The Nethe

Dear everybody, I am Mandy, 25 years old a i have a great wish. Next year i want to go to Canada for a year, with the IEC program of the Canadian government. But before i can go i need an amount of 1700 canadian dollars and money for my flight. I am born in a family with one sister and one brother. My parents didn't have a lot of luck after my brother and sister were born. My sister had big troubles with her heart after she was born. she spend the first 2 years of life in the hospital. After all that troubles my brother was born. When he was born, it was clear that he had a kind of illness, but nobody knew what illness it was. At the moment that he reached the age of 5 years, the doctors found out that he had Myelodysplastisch Syndroom. That a very bad illness and my parents did everything to make him a healthy boy again. And it worked out, at the moment he is a nice 19 year old boy. But he still need special needs, medications and other expensive stuff. I am the oldest child of my parents. Most of time people tell me that i have to be lucky that it wasn't me that had the illness. But that period has consequences for me every day. All the money that my parents saved me for a study and other things, had to take away from my bank account in the past. They needed it to pay all the expensive things for my brother and sister. My whole life, when i was a child, it was never possible to go on school trip. I want to do something normal for one time in my life, just doing something a normal person would do, to feel how a normal life without illness will be. It's not only the sick person that have a hard. Actually, this kind of illness makes the whole family ill. At this moment i have a wish too. Next year i want to participate in the IEC program of Canada. Of course my parents cannot help me a bit with the costs. Actually i have the hope that there is some friendly person who want to help me to make my wish come true.I would be the luckiest person on this world, for sure. Thank you very much for ready, and please help me to save the money for my trip. 1 dollar is more than enough. Mandy ;)