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Our Vision - Education can alleviate poverty, hunger, and the AIDS epidermic in Africa. Our Mission - Improve education in rural Africa to provide children with the opportunity to reach their full potential, lead better lives, and inspire future generations. Description - AIA's co-founder, Brendan Callan, first went on a relief trip to Tanzania in the summer of 2007 when he witnessed the lack of educational infrastructure in the country firsthand. He was inspired by the children's enthusiasm for learning, despite the distressed state and lack of schools. Noticing the need across the country and limited help available, Brendan and friend, Alyssa Snow, formed Achieve in Africa as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in September 2008 to help improve education in rural areas of Africa that are most in need. Brendan and Alyssa have since married and work diligently to manage and grow the organization. Here is what your donation can do:- $6,000 = 1 new classroom from the cement foundation to the walls, windows, and doors. $1,000 = 2 solar panels, 1 battery, and 3 bulbs to fill a Community Learning center (CLC) with light. $500 = 1 bathroom for students. $200 = 1 electric sewing machine for the Women's Sewing Center (WSC). $100 = 5 sheets of window glass, for making 5 windows. $40 = 1 multi-student wood and metal desk. $20 = 2 packages of cement for building a classroom. $10 = 1 math set & enough pencils, pens, & workbooks. Why Give The Gift Of Hope We Maximize the Impact of Your Donation - Because of our established relationship with the village governments and local suppliers where we work, we are able to obtain significant cost savings material and labor. Once a classroom is constructed, the Tanzanian government will provide and pay the salary for a new teacher. There is Tremendous Need - Since most of the villagers live on less than $1 a day, they sorely lack the resources to fund new classrooms for their village. Together, we can accelerate learning and change lives. Achievements..... What We've done: 7 classrooms renovated. 8 classrooms constructed. 280 desks provided. 3 education sites with electricity.