to get me back home

Mercedita, Philippin

and my address is alabama is : # 2324 Charleston Apartment Homes Mobile, Alabama, 36695 but im here now in the philippines since last month and im here cos my dad past away and im working in alabama hospital with my visa F-1 as a nursing and im just move back ( Philippines ) cos of my father past away last month ago and before i move last month i filed my tax refund and i have the check in my apt.mailbox it cost $4500 and in my apt in the usa so far i have finnancillay problem to go back to alabama and i need $400 more to paid my plane ticket to get back my ass in the usa and when i get back i can pay back the money i barrow to you. My 1st concern is seeking a master and the 2nd is to lend me $400. then i pay back thru paypal right away when i get back to usa anytime i hope u get what i mean from finnancially problem.. thanks