To get back to work, to put something in again

Please I , London

Hi I will cut my story Down. 2004 all was well, own home, money, job, happiness. October 2004 poisoned by carbon monoxide, damaged central nervous system. Many symptoms suffered, and still do. 10 years on and I still can't get a job. I worked Christmas with a van, self employed. I bought a van very cheap, worked for two months and the van died. The work was man with a van, and fitted perfectly around my medical problems, in those two months I made £3000. Not alot I know, but enough to pay off the small debts and enjoy a Christmas. I desperately want to support my family, and I just need a helping hand back on the ladder. I need to get another van and get back to it. So if you feel like you would like to help, then I would be most grateful. As soon as I have enough, I will get my van get back to work, and then I too will be once again in a position to help others. I thank you for your consideration.