To get a place of our own and pay off some debt

Help gett, Allen Par

I moved to MI in February of 2011 to find a better life for me and my family. I left behind my husband and two children to get a job and find a place of our own. In the meanwhile I am living with my mom and dad. I got a job in March of 2011 and in November my husband joined me in MI in hopes of getting work and helping me find us a place of our own. The kids stayed behind with my MIL to finish school. Well my husband was has been unable to find sustainable work due to back and mental health issues. The kids joined us June 6th, and now we are all living with my parents. It is not working well having two families in a single family home, and we are ALL feeling pretty crowded and like we don't belong here. So our debt issues are a long and drawn out story in themselves, but I am basically looking for $600 to get bills caught up and then another $2000+ to find a place of our own. If anyone has questions they can contact me (if this site allows). Thanks.