To fund the finishing of my high school education.

Please He, Michigan

In 2011, I was a minor in my aunt's care. I was in the middle of 11th grade, was on honor roll and had loving friends and teachers (which, to me, made up for the fact that my aunt was abusive) I didn't ( and never will, for that matter ) drink, smoke, do drugs, or do anything that would be considered wrong or illegal. For what ever reason, of which I do not know nor understand, my aunt absolved her guardianship of me, which forced the CPS to get involved and in the end place me with my biological father, who has never has parental custody of me. He lived in his mothers basement, who was expecting me to pay 800 dollars to live there, and he drank. A lot. Half way through the month, he decided he was entitled to half of my income (after paying my grandmother rent ) to do with what he pleased. I told him no, as I was not going to fund his drinking, gambling and smoking habits. In less than two weeks, he turned to threatening me, and allowing the abuse that his mother and brother did to me. At the end of that month, I was forced to call the police after he had asulted me. The CPS then forced my mother to take me back ( Threatened to charge her with child abandonment ). The school system in her area is a joke, compared to the school in had just been forced to leave. In 11th grade, they thought 7th grade stuff. I refused to go to that school, knowing that it would get me no where in life. I found an opportunity through a remote school, that cooperated from a larger, more decent school about an hour away. I went to that school for 2 years, and was able to take my ACTS. As life goes, disaster happened, and I was 7 classes ( 3 credits) away from graduating when I "aged out." I am too old to go back to a traditional school ( age limit 20 years old ) and have crippling aniexty and other health issues and lack of transportation to go get a GED. For over a year, I've done research and found a non traditional high school completion route that would allow me to to get a Diploma, instead of a GED, a school that my local college accepts and views as a diploma. The issue I have is that I can not afford the monthly payment plan They offer. I walk to work everyday, As I am blessed to live close enough to do so, and do not buy what is not needed, and I barely make ends meet now. $1000 is 20 payments, out of the 30 they want, and it is my dream and a nessecity I go-not only to better myself, but to take care of my mother, sister, grandmother, and God daughter (whom was bequothed to me after her mother, my best friend, was killed in a car accident) and give them what They deserve. I want to make sure they don't worsen their own conditions to make help pay what bills they can, and the only way I know how to do that is a college degree and hard work, but it sometimes also depends on the generosity of good people. I do not beg. I hate begging, because it makes me feel like a failure. No shame to people who do it, it is simply how I feel myself doing it. But I hate seeing my family struggle, and the look in my god daughters eyes when she tells me she's not hungry and "doesn't want a birthday this year" even more. I would anything for my little family, no matter what cost to myself. Please. Please help me better myself to better their lives. When I am back on my financial feet, I will pay it forward, as I always have when I got good fortune, but please please please help. If there is any way I can pay back any kindness before I have the money to, I will. Please. Please help. I know there are more needy, more deserving than me, but please, anything that can be spared is a blessing.