To fulfill a dream

Money spe, Republic

Hi, everybody! My name is Nadia, I live in Republic of Belarus. I have a dream - to self-actualize in life. I know that many want it too. But I not just want, I have a plan as to make it. I not really well speak English but I hope that you understand me. Money in our life solves a lot of things. Unfortunately... I lack $100 to fulfill my dream. I know that for America it is not too big money therefore I ask for help of you. My dream - to inspire other people not to be afraid to go forward, to follow the dreams. At me for this purpose everything is already ready and I can earn these $100 itself, but on it more than 6 months will leave. And I very much want to begin now, understand? I thank everyone who like my history and understood how ingenious I conceived the project. It can change destinies of many people and happy people on Earth will become much more. Become a part of this happiness! I love you and thanks! My wallet of the WebMoney Z293596798702