To feed, cloth, and provide for my family

Family of, Northern

Family of 6 in Need of Food and Car Repairs I have never online begged before and I am trying it out as one of several last resorts. I am a stay at home father of 4 children. My wife works and I have to stay home because someone needs to watch the kids. (if I worked I would make less then the amount I would pay out in daycare) I would ask our family but they are taped out and have already been giving us money for years now. We make to much money for food stamps so if it was not for the Food Pantry we would be starving right now. We barley make our bills (rent, phone, electric, heat, etc.) I have No idea what we are going to do for Christmas. We don't even have a tree. And presents for the kids are out of the question. Winter is starting and our vehicle has a problem with the 4 wheel drive. It was working all summer but now that we need it for snow and ice the 4 wheel drive is out. Its hard to make due with only one vehicle when the kids have to go to doctors appointments and such. My wife works 1 hour commute away and I have to drive her with the kids back and forth if there is an appointment. This spends the whole day and lots of gas just for one appointment. We have a second vehicle with good 4 wheel drive but the front end needs work at least $1000.00 in work. Because of this I am house bound with all the kids most days. Life is starting to drive me crazy without wheels to at least take the kids some place and have some adult conversation. I find myself going stir crazy being house bound. Even to go to the food pantry my wife had to take time off work so we had wheels and then make up the time later in the week. I feel better just talking about it. Just knowing someone is listing makes me feel at ease. Thank you for your time. Heating Bills We used to live in 600 square feet. I have 4 kids and a wife who works. I stay at home with the kids, saves money on daycare but has long days. We used to live in 600 square feet. Small but cheap to heat. Luckily we are in a village with a large house now. My mother just put the down payment on the house and we pay the mortgage. She is now taped out. The added expense of more room to heat is adding up. Luckily the government and family has helped with some of the added expense for fuel oil ($3.95 per gal) and wood ($60 per face cord). But I don’t know what we are going to do to make it through winter with all this snow falling right now. Thank you for your time. And your donations.