To Clear my Debts

Help to C, India

Dear friends, I am 43 years old. For the past 20 years I am in IT field run a own business deals IT peripherals sales now a days this field also goes down I am not able to run my business profitable i met heavy loss and huge amount of debt nearly $ 10,000. I am very much afraid about my child's future. Paid the school fees is very complicated to me. Past Four years i am very much difficult to run my family. Every month i am expecting some improvement occurs in my life but months and years only passed. There is no way to gather Financial investment for my business. In my life i met only failure. Now I am studying Diploma in Acupuncture this course will be over in this month then my aim is to open Health Care Centre, to serve people, before that I want to clear all my Debts. So Please Help me to came out of my debt, I dont know my way of asking is correct or not but there is no way for me. Your small amount helps very big for my future development. All the above messages given by my good knowledge and truth. Thanking you K.Ramasubramanian Paypal Emailid is :