To bring my soulmate back within reach

A beloved, Georgia

My name is Emily and I married my husband, David, on may 10 2014, and have been blessed and grateful to have found my soulmate and my heart ever since. Due to a surprise move and limited job options, my husband made the decision to stay with the available job of carpenter's/flooring helper in order to try and get us on our feet and build a viable future for our family. But due to finances, we could not manage to afford to keep our family together. I am reaching out here, on a lark of faith and hope and humbleness, to see if i could raise the money it would take to rent a weekly housing situation that would allow us to be reunited. I love my husband dearly and am hoping to raise a few hundred dollars in order to bring us back together and allow us to jam a foot in the door and grab hold of solid ground. We have no vehicle to travel to visit, and he works 60 hr weeks for very little pay as a 'helper'. He is a 13 year experienced plumber and general handyman and I am a waitress/personal assistant extraordinairre, and we would both be willing to trade various services for any goodwill. We are a new family starting out on rocky ground. I dont know what this will lead to, but if anyone reads this, if this gets found a midst the many in need, please consider reaching out. I love my husband dearly, and we are ready to resume building our nest. Thank you, god bless you. EMILY