To be less of a baggage

Universit, Texas, Un

Hello there, I'm currently a freshman in the University of Texas at Dallas and living at home with my parents. They're both rapidly approaching their senior years yet still they both work two jobs. Though I've been blessed with many scholarships. the tuition still weighs heavier. I've refrained from obtaining a license to help prevent the extra cost of auto insurance and begged my parents to allow me to find a part time job but they wouldn't budge. They really, really want me to focus on my studies, especially since I'm looking at the medical field-pediatrics to be exact. I also have a younger sister who'd be attending college in two years, further straining the family financially. Some measures I have already taken to alleviate their burdens are to calculate my eating expenses to less than $15 a day, showering every 2-3 days, and carpooling/biking to and from school. Any amount is greatly, GREATLY appreciated. Thank you so much for looking through my situation.