To avoid homelessness in two days.

Help my a, Cincinnat

I've never considering asking for money online like this, and to be honest, it makes me feel like less of a man. But, I don't care right now. This is not about ME, it's about the love of my life and her amazing children. Her name is Kathie. She works 10 hours a day, 5 days a week and barely makes enough to support herself and her three children. She lives about 90 miles away from me right now and we see each other weekly. We can't live together until I save up enough money to move, but moving isn't our concern right now either. Money has been worse than usual lately and she got a short check last week. The rent is past due, and the landlord is taking her to court on Tuesday. Unless she can pay the rent by then, she and her kids will be homeless. I'd do ANYTHING to keep her out of the homeless shelter. I can't stand the thought of such an amazing, caring and loving person having to do such a thing simply because she's underpaid and overworked. There's nothing else I can do, I'm broke. I've asked every family member and every friend to borrow money and she has as well. We've got about half the rent so far through loans and some small donations from friends and family, but it's not enough yet. Every little bit helps. Please, help me to help her. I'd drive there and pick them up myself and let them stay here if I owned a car, but since I don't, this is what I can do to help. Again, please help if at all possible. Thank you all!