This is why you should.

No Reason, Bay City

You know why you should donate money to my PayPal? Cool, me either, but what I do know is. If you do that, you will be an amazing person, and everything you do on after donation, will be great. Tell me how does it feel donating to something for no reason at all? That's right, it feels good. REALLY GOOD! :D So how about donating a dollar, or two. Doesn't matter, just do it. You only live once, would you like to die knowing you donated a few bucks to some random person you never met, and all for no apparent or coherent reason? That's right again, you don't give a damn! You are a high stakes person, and donating to someone like me, is just a beneficial thing in life. But hey, in all honesty, just donate? no? you sure? ok.. Thank you, either way, and have a good day!