There are some good families that need my help.

My ultimate goal is to eventually raise enough money to invest this and the interest to help good, Christian families that deserve help. Then the rest of the interest put back into the account to make more interest (help it to grow) so that more money will be used for even more families (basically 5% interest on say 30k is more than 5% on grows). The longer I do this, the more it should grow and the more people and the bigger impact it will make on people. I have been studying trading, and have an excellent strategy that will assist me. I have a rare statistic in practice trading. I have people all over that want to either invest in me for pofit or start a business with me. But, that is not an interest of mine. I do not want the headache of all of that. I want a simple, laid-back, non-materialistic, and relaxed lifestyle. Owning a business comes with a very large ton of stress, but I do not want any stress. The less stress, the better. I want to help other people with my God-given talent. I am a Christian that wants to use my talent to help good, Christian people. I want to help the world in any way that I can, but not sure how. I am leary of charities because most of the money does not go to the people who need it. But, I can see the good Christian families around me with amazingly good hearts that is an obvious choice to start helping people. And, I have the talent that it will take that will help people. I need help initially, though, so that I can get this rolling. I would like to keep everyone who donates and who is interested up-to-date on this goal. I would also like to keep everyone up-to-date on the families and people that are helped by this.