The Promises I Make To You

HomeBegFAQAdviceAbout UsLoginCredit Repair    |    Writing Jobs    |    Get Paid for Surveys    |    Get Paid to Draw    |    Get Paid to use Facebook The Promises I Make To You    I can’t pay you back but I can make you some promises.  My family, and the generations that follow, will know of this miracle and will act in kind to others. They will give as you gave, their hearts will be more tender, and their lives will then become more full.  I will never again take anything for granted again.  My children will know the meaning of charity and compassion.  My wife’s broken heart will heal.  I will continue to be a better husband, a better father, and a better son.  Every life I touch from here on will be met with kindness.  You will be saving a good family from destruction. My sons will not hate their father. My wife and I will cherish each other for all the years that remain.  These are the only ways I can ever repay your help and I promise to be true to all of them. The amount I need is great but any amount will help. I don’t know what else to say and have no magic words to touch your compassion. I only ask that you search your heart and know that whatever you give will be going to great use, and you will be doing the ultimate good, saving the hopes and dreams of another. The ultimate goal is 35,000. Although I know that is an impossible hope, I still pray you can find a way help get us there.