Terrified of Bailiffs (under threat)

Hope, UK

Hello, Well, this is embarrassing, but for the sake of my children I am doing it anyway. I have a problem with bailiffs. My husband left me and also left me with all his unpaid debts as well as three children to support. I lost my job a year ago and have not been able to find another yet, although I have been trying. I am on benefits, but they do not cover the debts or the mortgage payments I need to make. I am trying to sell the house, and the mortgage company are being fairly reasonable, but even so, if I do not sell in time, I will also lose my house. If I can sell, I can pay my debts and move into rented with some money left over. But that’s a long shot in the current market. However, the most urgent problem is the bailiffs. They are demanding immediate payment of £2,020 (approx $3,300 USD) or they will take my possessions to auction to cover the debt. It’s a joke, my paltry possessions will not cover the debt, but they will take them anyway. The longer the debt goes unpaid, the more “interest” they are adding to the bill and they refuse to take instalments, saying my husband broke the original agreement with them and now it’s too late for that. Unfortunately, they are legally allowed to do this, (since we had an earlier agreement with them and they have what is called a levy on the house contents) as well as intimidate, threaten and even break into my house to collect my stuff. It’s a frightening situation. I am afraid to answer the door in my own home and I have had to tell the kids not to either, because they are not above forcing their way in past them. I have tried the police, but they say it’s all legal and they cannot help me, even if these men break in (in fact, they will help THEM to do so, because I owe the money) It’s unbelievable, but it’s true. I have even asked the help of a solicitor, but he says the same thing, unless the law is changed, there is nothing he can do. No one appears to be trying to find my husband, and I do not have the resources to look. I hate having to ask, but I am terrified of these men. I can’t eat or sleep and I am worried about the effect this is having on the kids. I hope there is someone (or several people maybe) who can help me out of this mess I have been left with. Thank you for your time.