Tears of Separation

Hi. My name is Henrich Horvath, turning 46 this year. I am Czech citizen. I work for living. I had to maintain my wife and three children. It is two boys 9 and 11 and girl is 15 very soon. We do not own house, flat, car, TV and any and many of latest gadgets. We have very little furniture in a rented flat. Last year I at least managed with the help of a well wisher to buy a washing machine for my wife so she does not have to scrub the clothes with her bare hands any more. For few years we used to have old house and old car, but we had to sell it just to live little bit longer. I have been trying variety of jobs. I was cook, editor, office clerk, security guy and taxi driver is the last one. I work for little money, my wife works for even much less money. I heard about an iron-founder somewhere in Detroit, who has to walk everyday to his work 36 km. People donated to him to buy a car. I thought “People can be charitable so I will try the approach.” I work 10,000 km from my family just to meet their needs, which is school fees, rent, food, very basic medical care. I have to travel every year this distance to find a job and make some money for half year, not seeing my kids grow up. Then I go back, bring the money, and after few months leave again to find some job to make sufficient money to have a place, to eat and get education for the kids. I have many dreams about living in our own house, having vehicle even possibly invest in some business, which could get us on better foot. My primary dream is to stay with my family, dedicate time to our children and be there when they need me. Then I would not have to shed tears daily over their absence when I am on work trip. My daughter turns 15 within few days. I am happy that I could buy her a ordinary camera she wished for. My friend will carry it to her, but I will not be there, when she opens the box. I have to be at work 10,000 km away. If you want to save some more tears on our side we will appreciate. Else I am too proud to beg and too unlucky to have enough.