Sustainable ‘reasonable income help'

To, The Philanthropist, Subject: A begging prayer for a sustainable ‘reasonable income help’ About me: The Philanthropist, I am a Master’s degree holder (M.S.S= Master’s of Social Science) and 40 years old. I have wife and a daughter, only child, aged 18. I have to help financially to my elderly almost 70 years old mother. I experienced more than one jobs. But each of jobs allowed me monthly income too poor to maintain my family. My elderly mother, my wife and my daughter are depended on my income. Currently I have a job in an life insurance company posted as a senior officer on ICT. My gross salary is almost $235. I have no savings, no bank balance, no land properties, no flat/house, no valuable things to sell. This job is my only income source. It’s a low income as need. On the other hand, I am in huge debt. I live along with my family in an one-room rental sublet quarter. Me and my wife are diseased by diabetics, high blood pressure, asthma, cardiac disease, eye-disease. My daughter has also Asthma, Migraine, Hysteria, eye-disease. Also my elderly mother is diseased by diabetics, high blood pressure, asthma, cardiac disease, eye-disease etc. Because of my cursed fortune I have no affordability for treatment against these diseases. Depressions: The Philanthropist, I had a cooperative business. The business had fallen into huge loss. For that business purpose I am in debts almost 40,000 US Dollar. As a debtor and being an unfortunate person I am in huge depressions. Needs: The Philanthropist- 1. I need almost 40,000 US Dollar to pay debts. 2. I need 5,00,000 US Dollar for being solvent. 3. I need an own flat or house to live rent free and for my daughters’ future. 4. I need monthly minimum income 1,000 US Dollar for a good living. Anxious Dependents: The Philanthropist, I am good for nothing to my dependents. Such as I am an unfortunate - son to my elderly and ill mother, husband to my nervous wife and father to my hopeless daughter. My wife is a housewife. I can’t support her enough commodities to maintain daily living requirement. I can’t provide my daughter enough essential living and studies facilities to be happy. Threatened lives: The Philanthropist, When I am able to work, my dependents are surrounded by poverty and helplessness. When I shall be unable to work my dependents will be cruelly beaten by poverty and helplessness. When I shall be died my dependents will be numbness by poverty and helplessness. Humanity prayer: The Philanthropist, Therefore I yearned one or more Philanthropist guardian(s). In our country minimum 1,000 US Dollar monthly income may be enough to live with my dependents affordably. I humbly beg and pray in one or more of my ‘Needs’ concerning help and a sustainable ‘reasonable income help’ because of aforesaid circumstances to The Philanthropist. Looking forward to be helped from The Philanthropist. Thank You. Yours faithfully, Md. Fowajul Kibria Bangladesh Cell: 8801732793358 Personal Name: Md. Fowajul Kibria Nickname: Kibria, Fowaj Education 1995 - 2000 National University, Dhaka, Bangladesh M.S.S (Masters of Social Science) Political Science 2nd Class 1192 - 1995 National University, Dhaka, Bangladesh B.A (Bachelor of Arts) Bengali Literature, Political Science, History, Islamic Studies 2nd Class 1990 – 1992 Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, Comilla, Bangladesh H.S.C (Higher Secondary Certificate) Bengali Literature, English Literature, Civics, Logic, History, Agricultural Science 3rd Division 1988 – 1990 Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board, Dhaka, Bangladesh Dakhil (Secondary School Certificate) Bengali Literature, English Literature, Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Geography, Economics, Civics, History, Islamic Studies 2nd Division Additional qualifications · Fareast Islami Life Insurance Co. Ltd, Dhaka, Bangladesh Certification course on desk operation in life insurance · Egen Computer Solution, Dhaka, Bangladesh C.G.A Certification course on Google Adsense · Holistic Academy, Dhaka, Bangladesh A.T.O Advanced Training on non-government Organization · Kingshuk Multi-purpose Co-operative Society Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh A.T.C.S Advanced Training on Co-operative Society · NIIT, Dhaka, Bangladesh A.P.A Advanced certificate in Personal computer Application · Desh Business Center, Dhaka, Bangladesh A.C.T Advanced Certificate in Type-writing · Metaphor Cyber Café, Dhaka, Bangladesh A.C.I.M Advanced Course on Internet Manipulating Employment history 2009 – Present Organization: Life Insurance company Post: Senior Officer (ICT) 2003 – 2009 Organization: Cooperative Society (more than one) Post: Supervisor, Manager, Organizer, Treasurer, Director, CEO up to Chairman 2000 – 2003 Organization: Bank Post: Computer Operator 1991-2000 Organization: Private Tuitions (during my college study period) Post: Tutor -----------------------------