Surviving with my mother.

Fei, Malaysia

My name is Fei and I am from Malaysia, I was borned in an extremely poor family and my parents are both immigrants from China. My father was a newspaper stall owner but he had a prostate cancer and died due to lack of funds for a proper surgery operation ten years ago. After my father left this world, my mother raised me and send me to study in a local school and I left due to lack of funds to continue my education. After some time, my mother had a job of handing out advertisement papers in a local supermarket and she managed to send me to continue my education. Things went bad when my mother went blind two years ago due to overexposure to the sunlight and she have to quitted her job. Now, I have to work as a part time newspaper boy and pay my student debt along with the living expenses of my family. The reason I am begging here is I hope I can get a few financial support to pay for my groceries and hoping to ease my burden to return the debt. Thank you and I hope you can help me.