student loan

Danielgla, Arizona

I am currently seeking help in paying off my student loan debt. I have had the student loan since 2000 and received a consolidation loan in 2007. Here is the current balance information: Date Loan Type Status Balance 05/23/2007 Unsub Consolidation Loan Repayment $9,375.09 05/23/2007 Subsidized Consolidation Loan Repayment $10,278.16 I am 40 years old and I feel like I will retire before this loan is paid off. I just can’t seem to get the balance down. Back in 2001 I had some personal troubles where I lost my job, my home, my marriage. I spent the next 5 years without a permanent home. I finally was able to move in with my parents in 2006; and just last year moved out. It seems like now matter how long I pay this, the balance never really goes down. I tried increasing my payment but the weight of this loan I killing me. I still don’t make what I did 10 years ago; and that makes this repayment so tough. I recently got married and while my wife’s part-time income helps it’s not enough. If we didn’t have this payment we would be able to save for an HSA or pay off other debt and save for the future. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks