Stuck in a new place with 2 kids

Rent mone, San Diego

We had to move to California from North Dakota to be closer to the twins. My boyfriend's son has autism and has become too much for his mother to handle. So we decided to move. I had a good job lined up and the process was dragging out over a month to get all of the paperwork through with hr but then the manager told me his boss sort of forced him to choose another candidate.  We are now unable to pay rent and are desperately trying to get Mat into a decent autistic program for teens and make it so that we can have a good place for Maddy to sleep and hang out and be comfy too. We are going out every day to apply for jobs but things are so far behind. We can't seam to catch up. We are living in a studio apartment and even the weekly rent is a lot for us now. Any thing will help. Sincerely Thank you.