Struggling With Mental Illness And On The Streets

This story is as real as it gets.   I would rather put a gun to my head and pull the trigger. Then ask people for change on the street corner. But it has been my reality. If I need something as simple as a 12 dollar pack of work socks. Or even a tee shirt. No one will help me. After 4 hours of asking for change. I might pull in enough money for one item. There is a place I lived at for 4years. A wooded area in Somerton. I went there to get away from people. Child hood abuse gave me PTSD. One day. I applied for social security. After living in the woods for 4 years. They mailed me a letter saying although my condition was diagnosed by their doctors as severe PTSD I do not qualify. So I filed an appeal. Jacqueline Sykes is the director of the Philadelphia appeal office. On the phone. She rambled on and on. Non stop.about how they can't help me. I'll just have to wait till 2018. My condition is getting worse. I know for a fact that the government is trying to swindle me. Any little bit helps.   In case you are wondering. At night. In a fit of rage. I chopped threw poison ivy with a piece of wood and built a shack in a few weeks. It might still be there. I left. I'm still on the streets.