Struggling with debt, bills and life

HELP ME C, Scotland

I am really struggling to make ends meat right now. I had £10,000 of Credit Card debt run up just paying bills and a few years of stupidity spending beyond my means. I have been slowly getting myself back on my feet. I have managed to get this debt down to £4600 as of 4th Dec 2012 by living on the bread line but I am really struggling to keep a roof over my head. I work full time and overtime to get by and really must remove this debt from my head to allow me to restart my life. I have fell upon some extremely difficult financial times from being stupid. Nothing more nothing less and its a life lesson learned. I am not one to EVER ask for help but I guess there is a first for everything I have come up with an idea that means you don`t have to donate to me to actually donate to me. How you may ask ? By using the auction site ebay. Everyone at one point of another buys from this site. Below is a link that if you copy and paste it in your browser will mean that if you buy something or anything from ebay I would receive a tiny percent of their profits via a cash back scheme. Its only pennies but every little will go a long way. Its not much but its a start. Millions of people worldwide are using this site and if a few people used this link before purchase it would track the purchase and the percentage ebay take for their fees would give me a little cut and in no way affect your purchase. Please please if using ebay give this link a copy and paste and through time may an internet giant clear my feet. As soon as everything is paid off. If this seems like too much effort a small donation would certainly help. Below is the link, please copy and paste whole thing to your address bar and it will link purchase to my cashback. Please help and tell a friend who uses ebay. or try clicking the blue text below. I