Struggling with bills & debts

Dlink, UK

My fiance lost her job due to company cut backs, she has been struggling to find work since. It isn't easy for her as English is not her first language, and like me lacks any specific skills in the workplace. We had hoped to visit her parents in Europe this year, but our savings are gone and rent, council tax and energy bills are set to rise even further. She hasn't seen her parents in 3 years :( My girlfriend is incredibly sweet, caring and cheerful always, but I know that deep inside she misses them dearly... I am working long night shifts on near minimum wage and doing much overtime to cover all of our bills and living expenses, but since she lost her job it has be a growing struggle to cover the costs :( Each month the interest outweighs the amount we can pay back, we have been trying our best... Please help us pay off our £2000 debt :'(