Starving and miserable, completely in debt and just want some healthy food to eat!

HungryStu, Cardiff

I never knew that coming to Uni would be this's like a juggling game and you never seem to be able to keep all the balls going around at the same time! I need my vitamins and good food to keep me strong and right now that is a far distant dream, everyone's gone home for the summer and while my parents don't really care, I get to be stuck here trying to make enough money to survive and have a social life. You might ask... why don't you have any student loan left? Well there was abit of a disaster which has left me owing my grandparents over 2,000 pounds, so i had to give most of my last loan away to them leaving me with a mere 500 pounds to last from april to september...pretty unrealistic. This is an easy beg, I'm not asking for hundreds of pounds, just a tenner here or there would make my day and help me to get healthy again, because right now all I can do is sit here crying in my bed, urgh. Just need to get out of this financial hole! I do have a job, but it will be 2 months before I get paid as they need these forms ect ect which I have only just been able to get the info to fill them in correctly. Please help a starving student, your kindness is something more precious than the money itself! Thankyou Rosy! Xxxx