Starting a new life

2luvbirds, FL

Me and my fiance (both 25)have been working our butts off for years in restaurants, and just cant seem to get anywhere. So we sat down and decided that we needed to get out of town and start our own life. our families are crazy and its time to be on our own, before they drag us down anymore. We live in FL and are looking to move to TN. We have some money saved but definitely not enough to pack up and go. We could use $1000. it will give us enough money to pay put down payment on an apartment, and hopefully so we can get married. I know most people think this is a stupid reason, but the love we have is nothing short of a miracle. i owe my sobriety and life to my wife-to-be and i just cant seem to make it with a basic cook job. i just want to give her everything but i cant. so  I am asking for help. ur not just helping me ur helping US.