Starting a new life and career.

Anthony M, New York

I like to thank you all for at least spending time to look at my page, and for your support in advance. To get straight to the point, I currently am receiving cuts to my pay in my already low paying job. And I'm at the point where I am physically unable to continue working there. So I'm starting a new career as a self owner ship game creator with my fiancee. We are almost done with the game, but there is one snag in the road that we hit in order to make this. The cost and finances to be able to sell it online. We need at least 1,200 to be able to sell it online, and we can barely save up that much on our own the with cuts from our jobs and medical bills we have to pay. Any amount donated is fine, we just need any help we can get just to make this one chance work for us. As I said before, thank you again for taking your time to look at this, and donating if you could. concept art for game: