Start small Home Business

Auntie Ba, Kansas Ci

I'm not asking for a hand out, just a hand UP. I'm a 62 year old disabled woman who ain't never been nothing but Po' most of my life, and I'd like to change that. Before I die, I'd like to do something productive with my life, so that I can take care of myself and NOT have to depend on others. I want to start a small home business selling body oils, I've had some experience selling cosmetics, and I've also had experience mixing fragrance oils. I live near the entertainment district so I have access to clients, but I also plan to sell my product at swap meets, fashion shows, dance recitals, home parties, bazars, ect.. I also make body butter, body cream, and body wash. It's a good product made with choice ingredients and a lot of love. What I'm asking you kind folks for is start up cost, it's only going to be a small business so I don't need thousands of dollars, actually I could get started with just $500.00. Will you please help? You may mail donations to Barbrann Harrell, P. O. Box 410972, Kansas City, Mo. 64141, or you may got to my web site and use my pay pal account. All those who donate will receive 2 free samples so be sure I have your name, address, city and state, and zip code. Also indicate if you want men or women's samples, or one of each. Thank you for your support.