Soon to be homeless

Can't af, France

Hello, I'm 21 and I used to go to university, studying the american and british languages and civilizations, I had a flat and everything. I was forced to quite because I didn't have enough money to continue living but I want to go back to school. I went back living with my parents, looking for a job, in 3 years I've only had the chance to work 3 months ( I live in a lost place), 5 months ago my parents decided to throw me out, I'm currently living with my soon to be ex girlfriend, and my parents don't want to help me. I can't afford fuel for my car to go to a job interview now, I'l leave in my car, and god knows what could happen. I need that money to actually find a job and go back to school. I'm doing my best to find a job and get out of here, but please, I need a little help