Solicitors bills

DiggerJoh, UK

This is so hard for me, Due to accident injury I lost my handyman business in 2008,had no insurance and no state help,living off what little I had saved and kindness of an elderly relative.My only asset was a small piece of land which about 9 months ago I found a buyer for,they were going to pay £8500 well they kept delaying the deal until finally pulling out! Im now presented with a large legal bill for which I have nothing to pay it with,im desperate,have never in my life had debt with no means to pay. The proceeds from this sale would have given me the chance to get a small business going now thats gone! All I want is to clear this debt and get a small sum together to start again. Please anyone if you can help me I would be so grateful! Have always worked hard,never made much in life,never begged before. Thankyou for any kindness and donations you can give me.