Single mummy of 6.

Okay.. I have never done this before. Ever. I have recently got out of an abusive relationship.. I have been in a domestic violent situation for years feeling like I couldn't leave, I felt stuck. Due to having 6 kids and I'm still very young. After a long time I have finally got the courage to leave. My son is starting primary school next year and I have no idea how I'm going to afford that, as I can't get a job due to my youngest being too young to be away from me yet. All my payments go on rent so we have somewhere to leave and we r basically living off scraps at the moment. It's very very hard as it's still early days and I haven't managed to set ourselves up yet properly!! I don't want to even think about Christmas yet or it's going to make me cry... But the worst part is one of my sons has his 10th birthday in a few weeks and I have nothing!! Can't afford anything at all as any money I have goes on food!! I am so desperate at the moment, Im scared we will become homeless soon cas I just can't afford the rent and when I pay it we have no money for food at all... If anyone could help me I would really appreciate it, honestly, it's not for me but for my children as they don't deserve this!! I'm scared of going back to my abusive partner just because I can't cope at the moment... Please help!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you :) :) :)