single mother, trying to make ends meet

Alaskan d, Southeast

Hello, I'm living in Alaska where housing is outrageous even though I work and work hard I still am having a problem supporting myself my child and our beloved dog. Last spring I went through something that was a very scary time. I had found out I had cervical cancer, squamous cell carcinoma. During the next couple months I wasn't able to work as much and fell behind on rent. because I made to much to get public assistance but not enough to support my family I was forced out on the street and had to send my son to his father. Doing the right thing is never always easy and having to admit to myself and my son that I could not support us at that time was extremely hard on my already weakened state. I'm not one to beg unless its to use my friends car lol to go to the store or take the dog to a park,. I don't mind working in fact I feel like I have done my part in bettering the world when I pass on my smile to someone whom isn't having a good day.I just need a little help in standing on my feet and I don't rely on a man to do anything for me. I can fix my own plumbing, repair my roof and keep a car on the road in pristine running condition...its getting the money to get one that am having a problem with. rent being almost 1300 a month for a one bedroom food is expensive, electric bill is about 120 a month and after insurance and taxes that leaves me with a roughly around 78.00 a month for phone and laundry money. I have an education and I have great business ideas...but what good is it going to do if I cant find the backing, or even a reliable car to get things rolling. so that brings me to why I am here with my hand and my heart out. Not because im lazy or don't want to work but to ask for a blessing, a miracle of sorts, I have sang contests and won...600.00 is what I won last year and was able to have a nice Christmas for my son and I. I have family but I cannot let them know im in financial trouble as its not their problem...whom ever put this site up and whom ever helps out by donating has taken on a great pay it forward and if someday I do end up successful I WILL be back here to repay and pay it forward as karma will come back around. Thank you for taking the time I hope and pray that someone hears me and understands that sometimes a simple act of kindness can put hopes and dreams into a reality. Again thank you and god bless