Single Mom, too many bills, too little work!

Broke_in_, Californi

I don't know if this will even get seen or if this will work. Like most people post, I've never done anything like this before but I'm at my wits end. I was recently divorced from an all too terrible relationship where he was the only provider. We share a 2yo son and are still trying to figure out custody. I'm new to this whole "being on my own thing". I only had 2 weeks to move out and find a new place, I happened upon a converted garage/1 bedroom. Everything was going great at work (I work as a contract worker on food trucks) until it slowed down for the season, which I found out happens from time to time. My hours were cut and bills started piling up. I haven't found a means to daycare because things are still a battle in court and with my ex, it all takes time because it's so bureaucratic with paperwork! That being said, I can only work nights because of the way we have it worked out.. like I said, things haven't been great. Found out my license got suspended due to an unpaid ticket that was mailed to the apt. I used to live in (where my ex still does) and he "just forgot" to give it to me. I now owe the court, the DMV, my rent, bills, usual expenses, etc. On top of EVERYTHING I just found out I have osteoarthritis and spondylosis(bone spurs). I WAS on my ex's insurance through their family but I'm soon going to be removed, in a rush to try and make the most of the insurance still has I paid in advance for physical therapy. Oh, and my cat has fleas. :( Anything helps.