single mom in need

My name is Trisha and I know there are probably a ton of people on here that have a more worthy cause then me, but I am desperate and in need of some help. I am a single widowed mother and have always struggled with finances, however I have always managed to get by. My children have been the best kids anyone can ask for they have never complained about not having the things their friends have. Since my husband took his own life we have not been able to afford anything special that includes birthday gifts or christmas. My kids have never asked for anything and have always understood the situation. Until now, my family is having a family reunion and my kids have let me know they would love to go. I would love to give this to them and make them happy, I feel they more then deserve it. However, I am unable to afford it. The whole trip with transportation and lodging and activities is going to run me about $4000. If there is anyone that can please help me I would so much appreciate it. I really want to see my kids happy. Thank you for your time.