Single father and 3yo son, please help us avoid eviction

Me and my 3yo son live alone, I work hard to provide for him and give him a great life. Here the past couple months have been real struggle for us. It almost seems that everything is working against us. My job has reduced my hours due to budgeting, he was sick, then I. I barely been making ends meet, but have been doing what I can for my son. We just received an eviction notice for back rent and I'm struggling to get my landlord to worm with us. I am 1,200 behind because of not being able to pay the full rent the past couple months plus late fees. I have been diligently communicating with my landlord, they haven't really been to understanding from the beggining. I'm not one to usually request funds without earning them, but I'm recently desperate. I don't want my son to suffer because of this. He's full of life, energy, and excitement and wants to learn about everything! He gives my life purpose. Please help us, I'm not one to ask for handouts but he doesn't deserve this.   Thank you for reading my situation and will be more than gracious for anything.