I am a 55 year old male, non drinker of 32 years, non smoker or drugs, and have a 19 year old pregnant daughter living with me. I raised her alone, go to church regularly, and did a good job raising her and providing for her...until the events below: I SUFFERED AND SURVIVED A HEART ATTACK at age 44(thinking I was in excellent shape, DNA RELATED) June 2, 2006. I have endured a half a dozen heart procedures(have had 10 cardiac stents implanted to keep heart blood flow), while fighting off DNA/Family related diabetes type 2. To make things worse, I survived a hit n run car accident in Costa Mesa CA on May 5, 2014, which caused me to have a hip replaced. I am now completely disabled, run a monthly $1400 defecit between my $1525 in rent, utilities, food, meds, and any help I can use for my expecting daughter who is attending online local junior college. I only receive $1,097 in monthly disability pmts., & as mentioned my rent alone is $1525 ....for my lovely hard working daughter and soon to be granddaughter(Scarlet). I do my best to make up the $1400 a month deficit (mentioned above), by selling my clothes, doing odd jobs that I can do with my heart condition and replaced hip from the hit n run driver in Costa Mesa CA. For the record, I have never had to ask for help. Before my heart attack 10 years ago, and onset of diabetes type 2 (I am neither obese or eat sugary foods-it is DNA RELATED)....I was a 6 figure earner in real estate, provided a comfortable living for my daughter, had a wife who divorced me after her drinking became abusive and I could no longer provide the 6 figure income due to said health concerns. After the divorce, through my various aforementioned health challenges...I still was able to find a way with savings to raise my daughter alone!!! She graduated HS, and as mentioned still lives with dad(me), while attending junior college online(we have no dependable car anymore(I used to drive MERCEDES BENZ & helped those like I am now.) Anything you could do to help would be greatly appreciated here in our home. I don't eat but 2-3X a week so she and her pregnancy winds up OK. PLEASE HELP...She is due in Oct and after that our bills will only get higher. Thank you & God Bless Michael