Service Dog Needs Meds.

M. Tame, Maine

Hi, I'm a single, working mom of 3 boys, ages 7, 14 & 16, two of which are autistic. I depend on disability assist. for much of my sons services and programs. We live in a modest apt, w/ our 2 1/2 yr. old service dog Gigga. Gigga very loved, and cared for, as we desperately need her. She is professionally trained to work w/ autistic children. Our issue is; Gigga has spay incontinence along with a few serious allergies. She takes a med called Proin, and needs applyed topical sprays and special shampoo's. Along with her yrly exams she must have extra blood and urine tests done. All of this is costly and we need help. Her medications and treatments are about $50. a mo. Every little bit adds, and counts. Thanks. ~ Mel & the boys