Senior needs Mortgage Payment Assistance

I'm a nationally known film and music critic who fell on hard times during the recession and has never bounced back. For one thing I have a mortgage that is going to balloon in July 2016 raising payments to a level I cannot pay. HARP would be a good thing for me and I'd be eligible but you have to have a Fanny or Freddy loan and I do not. Any other loan modification is prohibited by the local loan holder. I've tried every government program and only heard "no." Still I've been able to hold my head above water until this week. I lost two writing accounts. This has halved my monthly income. I'm OK for September but October looks pretty impossible. I'll only have social security. I am grateful for that, but it won't be enough. I'm sure I can find more work down the road but along with this big loss I have just had a pacemaker installed and don't yet have the energy level back to put myself out there. I've never, ever missed a mortgage payment and my credit is good. But if I can't make payments Oct and Nov, I fear I will lose all of that. I've never been this close to the abyss, no family, no friends with money, it's all on my shoulders. I'm 74 and these things phase me more than they used to. I really need an angel and some help. I figure my shortfall for the next two months is about 750 a month, but any assistance will be greatly appreciated. I'm a friend of Bill's by the way, 43 years sober next Feb 6 if I make it that far, so I've learned gratitude and that sometimes you just have to ask for help. Now is one of those times. Thank you for reading and God Bless. This is me at the gym a year and a half ago. I go regularly to take care of my two manageable diseases...COPD and osteoporois.