Senior Citizen Needs Your Help!

I am a 64 year old retired Home Health Nurse of 28 years.  In 2013 I was admitted to the hospital with Renal Failure.  At that time my son and his family moved into my home with me to help me physically and financially.  Over the years I realized that my son had a problem with drugs and alcohol which has gotten much worse over the years.  Due to my son’s illness his marriage has ended and he is no longer able to help me.  He has added additional stress and worry therefore I have spent several admissions to the hospital.  The doctors have told me that I need to have less stress in my life.  I intend to move to Texas to live with my oldest son.  I am unable to pay my mortgage / utilities; therefore I am losing my home to Foreclosure.  I have difficulty packing because of my back so this is a very slow process.  I am selling everything of any value but it is still not enough to rent a U-Haul to get to Texas.  I have no transportation so my options are very limited.  After spending several days crying and thinking I decided to try this.  I have nothing to lose at this point.  I was not born in a family with money and I have not acquired any of my own.  In 2008 I lost my entire retirement fund and therefore I am against the wall so to speak.  I am trying to be out of my house by December 15th.  I am not asking for anything other than enough to get to my son’s home.  It would be nice if I could afford to hire someone to help me pack but if there is not enough money to do that, I will get it done.  It will just take me a little longer.  If there is someone that could help me I would be so grateful.