Seeking life’s defining moments.

Susan, Malaysia

I am doing this as my husband is too depressed to be able to handle the situation we are in now, and I am desperate for help. For some background: We became husband and wife 16 years ago and blessed with four beautiful daughters, the youngest is 9 years old and the eldest is 15 years old . Earlier in our married life, my husband was earning a decent income from a manufacturing firm while I was just a housewife. When our third daughter was born, we had enough saving for down payment to buy a home, a two bedrooms, single storey terrace house. We lived a simple but happy and loving family. Everything changed when the firm that employed my husband closed down four years ago. My husband was able to find another job with much lower pay but the earning was just not enough to cover the basic expenses. He persistently looked for other higher paying job while keep comforting us and saying that there were people who were even less fortunate than us. After several months, without any success to find a better job, things got worst and we had to sell our house to avoid repossession. That was one of our worst ever experiences. With the extra cash from the sale of the house we were able to move to the state capital and start a new life. My husband managed to get a decent job and able to rent an apartment for the family. We arranged a school bus to send and pick up our daughters from school. I managed to get a job myself too. With our combined income, we bought a second hand car, and were saving some as we planned to buy a house of our own, and for the future education expenses of our daughters. Just as life seemed to be getting better, our lives took a turn for the worst when my husband got laid off (again!) several months ago. My own job cannot pay enough to meet other bills, the apartment rent, car loan, school bus and other living expenses. My husband has been looking for a job, sending resume by mails, visiting companies around the area, but so far no luck yet. The bank has been chasing us for the car loan repayment, the landlord has been asking for the rent.. . We may not be able to keep the car, we may need to vacate this apartment.. we keep trying, we keep praying. My 9 years old daughter already understands our situation and even asked me if God listen to our prayer.. I am so worried for my husband who used to be cheerful. Now he is quiet, thinking a lot and occasionally talking to himself, he is getting depressed. The children have stopped whining about not having enough. I would just like to have some money to sustain life, to be able to keep the car, to be able to keep the family from being homeless. The monthly repayment of the car loan and the rent are already 3 months behind. We have other outstanding credit card debts which is 2 months overdue. We have to forget about buying a house for now. I appreciate anyone out there that help us turn this challenging moment of our life into a defining moment. Where ever you are.. whoever you are.. your help, no matter how small means so much for the family..