school needs and unusual reason

A netbook, Philippin

I'am here to beg some money to buy a new netbook and a portable wi-fi (pocket wifi) for my school needs. I realized the importance of a netbook last school year when I need it the most. I don't say it to my mom and dad that I need one because I know that dad can't afford to buy it for me. Last year, many of my work that only a computer can do is worth of money! I mean that, in order to do that I should have to go to the internet cafe and spend some money. That money is my savings in order to buy a netbook but I know that it's not possible to buy it with that way. My money bank that labeled with "netbook" is deserted by money and go to my school projects payments. If you're asking that "why you don't beg your mom and dad for your school projects payments?". That's the other reason why I'm here and begging some money, so don't scroll down and ignore this. I'am a houseman. I mean, like a caveman but instead of a cave it's a house. And that's reflects my attitude. I'm shy and don't interact with people, I am a cry baby that if you say a heart crushing words even the one that's not too deep to cry with, i will go to a nearest corner and cry like a baby. I'm stupid that even a simple request from an elderly, I missed or even fouled it to do. But aside from all of this, not to boast but I'm a smart guy and if you ask me about my ambition to become an astronaut or anything about space or anything you don't know, I'll answer you I say that because I hate myself. I grown up with such a stupid attitude. I feel like I am very very small that even a toddler could tease me saying "you're so stupid". I love my dad, I love my mom and I love the people around me but even I point them as my enemies, I'm the one to point as my own enemy, I'm the one to point as the caused of this aches from the other people. Sometimes I ask myself that "why are like that?! You're too old to act like a baby, stop this and change". While doing that, I feel like the whole world is shrinking in to me. I feel like a rat and the whole world is the lion. One day, my mom lectured me because of my stupidity and she say "don't act like you can do it all! You don't even prove yourself to us!". Ever since she said that, I promised to myself to do it. I say to myself that "prove yourself to others, do some act that they don't expect you'll do! Do it!". I'm here to beg you. I want to prove myself to them. I want to prove that I can buy a netbook without them. I want to prove that I'm not shy anymore. I want to surprise them so please beg me.