saving my home

I am in n, USA

We been struggling for years and now it all catching up with us. I make barely over minimum wage, but my husband does better. My husband went to school in another State and got his credential for a better paying job. He applied for a job in the state we are residing in and the company told him he was hired we moved our whole family down here to find out that the company absorbed three more companies. The company keep telling my husband if he would wait they would hire him and so he just took anything he could. Well we now have a rent house that we can not afford. I have found us a new place that will be in our budget it just the cost of down payment and first month rent. It is 1900.00 to move into a more affordable place. Before we moved my husband had an heart attack and when he did I need to pay bills immediately so I did a stupid thing and got a car title loan. We are behind on it and my car will probably be repo, unless I can come up with the amount to pay off my car it is approximately 4000.00. My job keeps cutting my hours down and next week I not even on the schedule due to I was trying to transfer to a closer one to my house just in case my car gets repo so I be able to get to work even if I have to walk. I have two children who live at home, we are needing school clothes, food, and help with a new place to live. This is not easy asking for complete strangers to help me and my family, but I praying God has his hand in this and will help provide for my family.